Tigers Eye Bracelet infused w/ Reiki - Chakra Healing Store
Tigers Eye Bracelet infused w/ Reiki - Chakra Healing Store

Tigers Eye Bracelet infused w/ Reiki

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Tigers Eye stretch tumbled stone bracelets come with chunky stones that are polished smooth. Their shape is organic, rounded both in elongated and in chunky "boulder" shapes. Tiger’s Eye combines the energy of the Earth with the energy of the Sun, bringing grounding and optimistic energies. It helps you to see the positive in any situation, making a Tiger’s Eye bracelet the perfect accessory to wear every day. It is also known as a gemstone of protection, especially for travelers. Tiger’s Eye bracelets and jewelry bring good luck, prosperity and wealth to its wearer. In ancient times, this healing gemstone was used as a talisman against bad luck and curses and worn to attract abundance. A Golden Tiger's Eye stone bracelet is also a powerful Solar Plexus chakra stone, which is extremely helpful in manifesting ideas and desires into reality, giving you the courage to make big changes in your life. It also helps your personal power and give you a little creative boost when you are feeling creatively blocked or drained.
Due to its elasticity, will fit all wrist sizes 7" inches.
Each chakra is aligned with a its own energy center in our body. The clearing of these energy centers can promote inner peace and balance. When the chakras are balanced, the entire body works in harmony, making us feel more energized, vibrant, elevated, and whole. Crystals have been long used for healing purposes and serve as excellent aids in spiritual practices.

Tiger's Eye stone helps to energize and activate the solar plexus chakra, the energy center associated with willpower and motivation. Because of its vibrations from the sun, Tiger's Eye properties support the energy of the entire body by filling your energy field with warmth and fiery energy. Along with Malachite for strength and Green Aventurine for manifesting wealth, our Money Magnet Sets also include the Tiger's Eye crystal, which enhances your personal power to reach new financial targets.

↠All my crystals, stones, and gemstone jewelry are smudged with sage and infused with the healing energy of reiki before packaging and shipping them off to their new home.

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